Welcome to the Holodeck Factory !

Holodeck Factory is one stop shop for all your Business to Business Virtual and Augmented Reality needs. Our walk in customizable Holodecks, adjust perfectly to your rooms and comes with an ever growing integrated choice of options, including but not limited to video sharing, collaboration, gesture control, brain computer interface, artificial intelligence, analytics and voice control… All to produce the most advanced custom-made Holodecks possible for a never seen before immersive or augmented experience ! We are also publishing immersive and augmented Holodeck contents, as well as supplying a talented team, ready to Taylor fit further your Holodeck to your needs, with market specific templates and VIP support, in order to accelerate your 3D files conversion to real-time.

Holodeck 1.0 is our first walk-in AR/VR experience starter kit. It is fully compatible with most virtual reality or augmented reality equipment. It can installed and ready to operate in less then a day!

  • 1 Intel NUC mini PC
  • 4 wall-mounted sensors
  • 2 trackers for AR/VR glasses
  • One HF virtual world
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Custom hardware

Holodeck Factory is developing new AR/VR Hardware and also integrates products from other manufacturers. We create highly flexible and innovative immersive rooms based on our customer’s needs.


Exium glove

Exium is our integrated glove solution with haptic option, that lets you grab, feel and manipulate objects in our Holodeck.


Ikansi monitor

With the Ikansi monitor you are able to view on any screen what users are looking ‘at’ inside the Holodeck
(locally or remotely).


Research, Teaching, Product development, Marketing, Sales… We have created a full line of software that will help you achieve your specific goals. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we can create it for you!


Colaborate with colleagues on a virtual project who are based in remote locations. The Kolabo software can also be use to mentor or coach students.


Neuroexpress let’s you interface our holodecks with a brain computer interface helmet (Open BCi) that can track mental effort, engagement and emotions.


With Holofeel, our hardware Add-on, you can record emotions of users during their session and develop products that will move and entertain people.


Maximize the range of emotions to track with your Neuroexpress module.

Virtual Worlds


The Imaginactive virtual museum presents a series of vehicle concept on the future of mobility. New concepts are added every month.

Zen Garden

The Zen garden is a strong therapeutic tool, developed by experts in Neuroscience, it will guides users into deep meditation and relaxation techniques.


Holochess brings the chess characters battle alive, in a volcano cave surrounded by flying bats were you can walk around. Play again A.I, 2 players local or network.


Brings the RC racetrack experience to the next level, allowing up to four simultaneous users to crace and transported in and out of their car at will.